May Edition

Every month a group of selected designers and artists sell limited artworks for a good purpose. The current May Edition is contributed to the Creative Fashion Matterz Fund that supports forward thinking and sustainable fashion projects and creatives. For the first time three designers teamed up to create one unique and limited artwork together. This T-shirt by Parissa Charghi, Cihan Tamti and Benedikt Luft funds a change in the fashion industry. Find more details in the product info. Share, Buy, Help and Follow on Instagram

’Growing by attitude’ T-Shirt

Art.-Nr. 00034

This T-Shirt raises money for forward thinking and sustainable fashion projects supported and curated by @sustainablefashionmatterz

But one by one and from the start

Parissa Charghi, Cihan Tamti and Benedikt Luft teamed up to create this beauty of a T-Shirt to fund sustainable fashion projects. It’s called GROWING BY ATTITUDE and fits perfect to this issues good cause: Sustainable Fashion Matterz is bringing fresh and innovative fashion projects to life. Why? Because we all love fashion, but the industry needs to change.

Overconsumption, pollution, carbon emissions, water. Fashion became a big problem. But with this issue we don’t want to focus on the problems. We want to take the chance to show solutions.

So, what does Sustainable Fashion Matterz do? With their @creativefashionmatterz fund they support creatives worldwide through funding, mentorship and PR. They give revolutionary ideas a voice and a platform. We think the only way to make a sustainable change is helping young and new projects that completely rethink the industry and come up with fresh approaches.


Let’s do something good with this organic, 100% cotton shirt.

Screen printed with OEKO TEX colors.

Pre-Order until May 31st
Production starts on demand end of May
Shipping until June 15th

Custom font by @parissacharghi and @cihantamti
Custom illustration made by @benediktluft
feat. FAVORIT by @abcdinamo

Auf den Merkzettel

Heart Directors

Parissa Charghi
Cihan Tamti
Benedikt Luft